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What the public thinks about distracted driving

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2024 | Personal Injury

Any act that takes your focus off of the road can be considered an act of distracted driving, and it can can increase your risk of a California car crash that might involve serious injuries or death. According to one survey, drivers feel that distracted driving is more of a problem now than ever before.

What the survey said

A leading insurance company took a poll of 1,000 consumers and business managers to ask about their perception of traveling on American roads and highways. Respondents did admit that they engaged in distracted driving and that their own actions either caused a crash or resulted in a near-miss scenario. Of those who participated, 12% said that they had been in an accident because they were distracted. Conversely, 31% said that they had been in a crash because of someone else’s distracted driving.

Parents and business owners concerned

Parents were concerned about their teen drivers engaging in distracted driving and took steps to minimize that risk. These actions included limiting the use of cellphones in the car or restricting how long their teens could drive, where they could go and who they could take with them. Business owners said that they were concerned about their employees’ driving habits because of rising commercial auto insurance rates. This is why 53% of business respondents said that they had policies against employees using handheld devices while driving.

There might be hope to solve the problem

Respondents were asked what they thought could be done to reduce the prevalence of distracted driving on the road. Among the most common suggestions was to provide compensation for those who engaged in safe driving behavior that reduced their risk of getting into car accidents. Passengers were also encouraged to share any concerns that they might have as that may also cause motorists to think twice before taking out their phone.

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