In the Aftermath Of A Car Accident,

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About Our Firm

The Law Office of Aman N. Shah started in 2011, and since the beginning, we have worked to help the people of Southern California who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents.

We Handle A Broad Range Of Legal Issues

Car accident litigation isn’t the only area of law that we practice. Our attorney also has experience with premises liability litigation, animal attacks, slip-and-falls, wrongful death and many other situations that involve serious, catastrophic or fatal injuries.

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No Two Cases Are The Same

Your case will be different than any other personal injury case, but how we treat you will remain the same. We are a focused and sympathetic law firm that will communicate with you so that all the details are in the open. Once we have talked with you, then we can put together the right strategy for your case and proceed accordingly.

We take a lot of pride in our ability to communicate with our clients. When you call us or meet with us, we will do everything we can to answer your questions and ease your fears. It is easy to be scared and to think that the worst-case scenario will happen to you after a car accident. But there are solutions to every problem, and we’re here to help you find the right one.

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Whether you are dealing with a personal injury case, a premises liability case or an immigration matter, you need to contact a lawyer sooner rather than later to put yourself in the best position. Call our Brea office at 714-312-3974 or reach us online.