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Experienced Representation For Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Last updated on March 9, 2022

The streets and highways of Southern California are congested with commercial vehicles of all sizes and variety. From small van-sized delivery trucks to massive 18-wheelers, crashes involving these vehicles are not uncommon and can have devastating effects on your life.

At The Law Office of Aman N. Shah, we have helped many accident victims obtain compensation for serious injuries after an accident involving commercial vehicles.

Holding The Liable Parties Responsible

Trucking accidents are notoriously difficult to litigate because of the vast network of parties that could be considered liable. While the truck driver may be the most obvious party at fault, there may be other factors at play. Were the truck’s safety features defective? Was there pressure from the driver’s employer to ignore hours restrictions? Was there overdue maintenance that had been put off too long?

Determining who may be responsible for their role in your accident can be overwhelming if you attempt this on your own. Additionally, these companies often have accident response teams that deal with these crashes on a daily basis.

You can find yourself dealing with slick professionals who want to minimize their liability and responsibility. At The Law Office of Aman N. Shah, our attorney understands the process of identifying the liable parties and we have the experience to pursue compensation from large, intimidating trucking companies and insurance providers.

Legal Solutions Tailored To Your Accident

Our firm understands that accidents happen and that you may hesitate to pursue compensation if you feel your actions may have played a role in your crash. California adheres to the doctrine of comparative negligence in motor vehicle accidents. In accident litigation, you may be eligible for compensation relative to the degree to which your actions affected the crash.

As an experienced personal injury attorney, Aman N. Shah is well-versed in how insurance companies deal with these types of accidents and how California courts review and award compensation based on comparative negligence. When you work with our attorney, we begin gathering the necessary information to create a legal strategy that works to obtains the best possible outcome for your situation immediately.

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