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Immigration Issues?

In recent years, California has become a hotbed for immigration issues. From work-related cases and family-based immigration to undocumented alien residency and everything in between, The Law Office of Aman N. Shah offers focused and experienced representation on all areas of immigration law.

More Than A Decade Of Experience

Immigration law is very complex and ever-changing. Our attorney has more than a decade of experience working with immigration law issues and can help you assess your situation and determine a strategy to help you reach your goals.

We can assist clients in the completion of temporary visa applications and green card applications, as well as for matters in front of immigration judges and  in-court representation on a wide variety of matters, including adjustment of status, removal, deportation, cancellation of removal and other serious immigration law issues

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For a free confidential consultation on any immigration issue, please contact The Law Office of Aman N. Shah at 714-312-3974 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment with our lawyer.