Product Defect Injuries

Defective product (also known as Product Liability) cases involve injuries resulting from defects in the manufacturing, design, or warning of a product. In these cases, the injured consumer can sue the manufacturer (and potentially distributors and retailers) under negligence and strict liability causes-of-action. Strict liability is quite an important and beneficial litigation tool in that the consumer can recover damages without having to prove negligence on the part of the defendants, provided that it can successfully prove defectiveness of the product. The intended societal benefit of strict liability is to massively disincentivize careless product design and manufacturing, thereby bringing safer products into the marketplace. Common product liability cases include injuries resulting from toys, automobiles, and prescription drugs.

Because of the sheer number of potential consumers and defendants involved in a product’s chain of production, product defect cases tend to get quite convoluted. Once multiple defendants and plaintiffs become involved, the nature of the litigation quickly evolves from conventional to complex. At The Law Office of Aman N. Shah, our focus is to fully manage and earn successful resolutions to our clients’ complex litigation claims. Call us at 714-312-3974 for a free confidential consultation.