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Soft Tissue Injuries May Never ‘Go Away’

Last updated on March 9, 2022

Soft tissue injuries can arise as a result of a broad spectrum of accidents. Most commonly, severe soft tissue injuries are associated with car and other motor vehicle accidents. The nature of these injuries can mean long-lasting effects on your everyday life for months or years after your accident.

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Soft tissue injuries generally involve torn ligaments, sprained ligaments, strained tendons and muscle bruising. The nature of these injuries means they can be easily dismissed by insurance companies as ‘not serious,’ because they may not appear on X-rays or provide easy-to-observe evidence. You need to be insistent in explaining to your doctor everything that hurts.

They can change quite rapidly in a short period of time, and it is important for you to get comprehensive medical treatment as soon after the accident as possible to document the potential injuries you have suffered.

Medical treatment for a soft tissue injury can quickly become expensive, and the nature of these injuries may prevent you from returning to work immediately. When your soft tissue injuries are caused by another individual’s negligence, make sure that you keep detailed records of your medical care to support your personal injury case.

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