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Legal Protection After A Trucking Accident

Last updated on March 9, 2022

If operated improperly, trucks can be one of the most dangerous hazards motorists face on the road. Their massive size, coupled with the difficulty of transporting heavy and unwieldy loads, can easily cause long-lasting or life-threatening injuries for both the truck operator and anyone else involved in a trucking accident.

The severe nature and commercial element of trucking accidents result in complicated legal situations for injury victims. At The Law Office of Aman N. Shah, our attorney has been helping California residents obtain the compensation they need through exceptional litigation practices. Aman Shah will work alongside you to find the best possible outcome after a trucking or commercial vehicle accident.

Sure Guidance Through Accident Litigation

At The Law Office of Aman N. Shah, we have the experience necessary to know how these situations need to be investigated. From your first consultation, we begin reviewing the facts and circumstances of your unique situation.

If you have been involved in a trucking accident in Southern California, there are things you can do in the moments and days immediately following your accident that can help strengthen your case:

  • Get details of the truck and its operator. As with most car accidents, finding out as much information as you can about the other party involved is crucial. Write down any identifying information you can gather, including the truck’s license plate number, the driver’s commercial driver’s license number and details of the trucking company.
  • Record details of the accident. In the coming days, you may find it more difficult to recall specifics about how the accident happened. Information about road conditions, your position on the road and the presence of emergency management services or media after the crash, and any photographs or videos you may take of the site can help our legal team gain a better understanding of what happened.
  • Retain your medical recordsPersonal injury cases mostly seek compensation for injuries, and truck accidents are no exception. Keep detailed notes about the medical care you received, including information about your initial diagnoses, any tests that were conducted, medications you were prescribed and everyday functions you can no longer perform because of your injuries.
  • Explain how your vehicle was affected. While seeking compensation for your injuries is important, a trucking accident can also take away your primary mode of transportation in an instant. Keep written or digital copies of damage appraisals, and provide any information about whether you owed debts on the car.
  • Tell us about yourself. Giving us this information allows us to understand your unique needs after your accident. What do you do for work? Is your ability to perform your job impacted? Who is your auto insurer? Have you been in an accident before?

Based on what we learn about your accident, we can start drafting specific legal strategies based on our years of experience and success handling personal injury cases. We prize open and honest communication throughout the process so you never feel left behind in your accident litigation proceedings.

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