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Their Property’s Safety Is Not Your Responsibility

Last updated on March 9, 2022

Injuries can occur in any place, at any time. Often, an individual’s ability to recover damages for a given injury depends upon where the harm took place. Premises liability is a subarea of personal injury law that dictates an owner’s liability for injuries occurring on his/her premises.

In these cases, an owner’s culpability for injuries incurred on his/her premises is generally determined by the nature of the relationship between the owner and the injured party.

Premises Liability Claims Come In Many Forms

Most premises liability cases involve negligence claims. The primary distinguishing factor from case to case is the duty of care owed by the owner. The most common premises liability cases are categorized as slips and falls, where an individual sustains an injury while on the premises of another party.

Another prominent area of premises liability is the dog bite or animal attack case. With some exceptions, an animal owner is generally held liable for the harm caused by his/her pet. Furthermore, in California, the owner’s liability is strict, meaning that the owner’s lack of prior knowledge of the pet’s dangerous propensities is immaterial.

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