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Truckers who test positive for drugs stand to lose their CDLs

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2023 | Automobile Accidents

A shift is on the horizon for truckers as the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse introduces a new consequence for those who test positive for drugs. This upcoming change dictates that truckers facing positive drug test results will soon lose their Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL) until they complete the federal return-to-work process.

This change seeks to enhance safety on the roads by addressing substance abuse issues among commercial drivers. It also aims to reduce truck accidents and injuries.

Losing the CDL license

Upon a positive drug test result, truckers will face the immediate suspension of their CDLs. This measure aims to address safety concerns promptly, removing potentially impaired drivers from the roads. The suspension remains in effect until truckers complete the federal return-to-work process. Completing the process signifies their commitment to rehabilitation and a drug-free work environment.

Returning to work

The federal return-to-work process is a key step for truckers seeking to regain their CDLs. It involves undergoing a substance abuse professional evaluation and adhering to any recommended treatment programs. Only upon successful completion of these requirements can truckers reinstate their CDLs.

Prioritizing safety

While this development places more responsibilities on truckers, it underscores the importance of a sober and vigilant approach to the profession. Drug use among commercial truckers poses major risks to drivers and other road users. By addressing positive drug test results and mandating a thorough return-to-work process, the initiative aims to ensure that truckers are fit for duty. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood of impaired driving and potential accidents.

Per Transport Topics, truckers have taken 224,000 positive drug tests since the clearinghouse first took shape in early 2020. The forthcoming changes in CDL implications for truckers who test positive for drugs highlight an important shift in the industry’s commitment to safety.