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Fatal truck accidents are on the rise

On Behalf of | May 10, 2023 | Automobile Accidents

The average commuter might not look at statistics related to truck accidents, but California drivers could benefit from any steps taken to avoid suffering harm while traveling. Knowing the potential dangers associated with tractor-trailers helps with avoiding collisions. Preventing accidents should be a priority of all drivers, especially in light of the increase in commercial truck accidents now occurring.

Commercial truck accident worries

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed tragic statistics from 2021. During that year, fatal crashes involving commercial trucks increased by 13% over 2020. The total number of truck accident-related fatalities was in excess of 5,600.

Truck accidents could lead to catastrophic injuries primarily because the vehicles are massively heavy. The weight could crush those underneath when a massive tractor-trailer crashes into a smaller car. Such potentially catastrophic injuries may lead the victims to seek significant compensation to cover life-altering medical problems.

Reasons for truck accidents

Commercial vehicle accidents could happen for many reasons. Moving violations, particularly speeding, lead to crashes. Even though some drivers may not get caught for exceeding the speed limits, their actions remain perilous. Speeding increases the difficulty of controlling and stopping a vehicle in time, which can lead to unfortunate consequences. With trucks, the danger is greater since a tractor-trailer traveling at high speeds requires a significant amount of distance to stop fully.

Other forms of negligence may lead to a truck accident, including distracted driving, tailgating, fatigued driving and other reckless actions. Persons hurt by a negligent driver could sue to recover damages. Sometimes, it is the truck driver who is the victim. Ultimately, victims could seek compensation through a lawsuit. If you or a loved one have been involved in a truck accident, visit The Law office of Aman N. Shah to learn about your legal options.