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Tips to keep your teenager safe from car accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Automobile Accidents

If you have a teenager, you should be aware that they’re at increased risk of death from certain things, including car accidents in Southern California. Being aware of the risks can help you prepare your teenager to be safer when out on the road while still learning to drive safely.

Why car accidents are a leading cause of death for teenagers

Car accidents are the number one cause of teen deaths, beating out both suicide and homicide. A scary statistic is that at least one in four teenagers don’t buckle up for every ride for various reasons, including that they forgot or that the seat belt was uncomfortable.

What’s even scarier is the number of teenagers who text and drive. Two out of five teenagers admit to having ridden with another teenager who was texting and driving. And even more teenagers have been in a car with another teenager talking on the phone while driving.

Educate teens on these driving risks

If you want to help your teenager drive more safely, make sure that they’re aware of the risks of driving while distracted. Texting, eating, and talking to passengers can take your teen’s attention off the road. Additionally, ensure your teenager knows to pull over if they’re too exhausted to drive safely. Finally, let your teenager know that driving too quickly will also increase the likelihood that they’re involved in an accident.

Many teenagers look forward to getting a driver’s license, but it’s only a good time if your teenager knows to drive safely. Talk to them about safe driving before they’re in a dangerous situation, and tell them about the importance of speaking up or simply finding another ride if they’re in a vehicle with another driver who is being unsafe.