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When reckless driving causes a crash

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2023 | Firm News

Reckless driving may take many forms such as operating a motor vehicle while impaired or while distracted by a cellphone. A motorist who was driving too fast for road conditions when an accident took place may also be deemed negligent by California authorities. You may be entitled to compensation from another driver if that person’s irresponsible behavior led to a wreck that injured you.

Proving reckless driving occurred

There are many lines of evidence that you may be able to use to verify your claim that reckless driving led to a crash. For example, you may be able to point to the results of a toxicology report or to cellphone records that indicate the defendant was talking on the phone prior to a collision. Driver statements, witness statements or the contents of a police report may also be used to establish that the defendant violated the duty of care that exists while driving.

Types of damages that might be available

You may be entitled to any actual damages that you incurred in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. Actual damages may include the cost of medical treatment or estimated expenses related to repairing your vehicle or replacing other items damaged in the wreck. Lost wages will also likely be considered as actual damages since they can be objectively calculated. Lost future earnings, the cost of future medical care and other damages may also be awarded depending on the facts of your case.

What to do after a crash

After an accident, you will likely need to stay at the scene and call for help. You may also want to take pictures, collect video footage or gather other information that can be included as part of an insurance claim. If you need help sorting through your accident claim, please contact The Law Office of Aman N. Shah for a free consultation.