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Use extreme caution on these Southern California roads

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Automobile Accidents

All roads in Southern California have the potential to be hazardous. All it takes is one vehicle to make a single mistake at an inopportune moment to cause a devastating amount of damage. Drivers in the region know that they have to pay attention each time they are out on area roadways.

California is one of the most dangerous states to drive

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is full of driving hazards. And reckless drivers compound this issue during times when people are returning to the roads after periods of falling out of their regular driving routine.

According to one survey, there are only three states in the country that have a worse track record for driving safety than California. The survey took incidents into account like crashes, citations and speeding. The findings indicated that many Californians tend to disobey the posted speed limit, fail to slow down for hazards and drive under the influence.

These are some of the most dangerous roadways to watch out for when you’re in the area:

  • Sierra Highway
  • Interstate 405
  • Interstate 5
  • Route 118
  • Route 74
  • Interstate 710
  • State Route 1
  • Route 101

It may be helpful for you to know which roads are the most unsafe so you can make sure you know where issues commonly arise. Or if you’re a particularly nervous driver and don’t feel like rolling the dice just to get to your destination, you can avoid these roads altogether if possible.

Some roads have been shown to have a greater potential for dangerous car crashes than others. Those are places you’ll want to exercise extreme caution to keep yourself, your passengers and everyone else on the roadway out of harm’s way. The best offense is a good defense, and defensive driving on these notoriously hazardous Southern California roads can save you a lot of trouble.