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How does speeding lead to car accidents in California?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2022 | Automobile Accidents

Speeding is perhaps the most common factor in motor vehicle accidents in California. Motorists who drive in excess of posted speed limits place everyone around them at risk, and often, these drivers are unable to make the split-second moves necessary to avoid being involved in an accident. Unfortunately, these accidents frequently result in serious injuries to those involved in the collision.

What kinds of accidents are caused by speeding motorists?

One of the most common types of accidents that can occur when speeding is a rear-end collision. This happens when the driver in front brakes suddenly and the driver behind does not have enough time to react and stop before hitting them. These kinds of motor vehicle accidents often result in whiplash or other neck/back injuries as well as damage to both vehicles.

Secondly, speeding can also cause the loss of control of a vehicle. This is more likely to happen on wet roads, but can occur on dry roads as well. Drivers who speed on wet roads are going to find it much more difficult to bring their vehicles to a stop or make the other moves necessary to avoid an accident. This can be especially common after it rains, as roadways become slick with moisture from the rain, as well as oil and dust that collects over time on the roads.

What kinds of injuries are you likely to experience?

Injuries suffered in these accidents can be extremely serious and life-threatening. The amount of force of a collision is multiplied when speeding vehicles are involved. You could suffer broken bones, internal bleeding, or even head and spinal injuries. These kinds of injuries can have long-term effects on your health and quality of life.

Drivers who are injured need to make sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident. Internal injuries, as well as brain injuries, may not be readily apparent after the crash. A thorough medical evaluation may be the only way to connect these injuries to a crash, which can be essential for your claim against those responsible for causing the accident.