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4 common causes of truck accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Automobile Accidents

Truck accidents in California happen for many different reasons. They may be the fault of the truck driver or the fault of passenger car drivers that they are sharing the road with. In some cases, inclement weather is the main cause of a truck accident. Here are four of the top causes:

#1: Distracted driving

Distracted driving is the No. 1 cause of all motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. When drivers are distracted, they might miss out on an impending hazard that requires them to take decisive action. Passenger car drivers and truckers can become distracted by smartphones and infotainment systems. On long trips, drivers may engage in distracting behaviors like trying to eat while driving.

#2: Speeding

Speeding is the second leading cause of motor vehicle accidents, and this reckless driving behavior leads to a lot of big rig crashes. Truckers should never speed since their vehicles have a much longer stopping distance than other cars. If you speed up to pass a truck but don’t get far enough in front of it, this can create a risk of being rear-ended.

#3: Overweight loads

Trucking companies that are attempting to save time and money sometimes overfill their trucks. Super heavy trailers can cause stopping distance to increase and make turning more difficult. The risk of a tip-over increases when a truck is overfilled.

#4: Fatigue and intoxication

Fatigue is a common problem for truckers that make long, cross-country trips. Driving fatigued is a lot like driving under the influence of alcohol since it lowers a driver’s reaction time. When a trucker is fatigued due to breaking federal hours-of-service rules, they can be held liable for accidents.

Liability for truck accidents

If you were involved in a truck accident, you may have medical expenses, property damage and lost wages. The trucker and the trucking company that hired them may be liable for your damages if the accident was the trucker’s fault. If you’ve been involved in a truck-related accident, please contact The Law Office of Aman N. Shah today and we can guide you through the entire process of dealing with the aftermath of a trucking collision.