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Getting into an accident with an Uber driver

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Automobile Accidents

In California, all ride sharing companies are required to carry some commercial liability insurance just in case a passenger is injured in an accident. Large, nationwide ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft also have their own insurance coverage for every ride.

What happens if you are injured in an Uber vehicle?

Employers are liable for motor vehicle accidents that are caused by their employees, but there is still a political and legal debate raging as to whether Uber drivers are technically employees. Uber drivers have been treated by the company as independent contractors since they are free to accept or reject any rides they want. However, the insurance that is carried by Uber still covers some accidents that are caused by Uber drivers, so passengers can potentially file a claim against Uber if they are injured.

What if you weren’t actually in the Uber vehicle?

When an Uber driver causes a car accident, there may be other people outside of the Uber vehicle who were injured. If you were in a separate vehicle or you were a pedestrian, you may still be able to sue Uber for damages. However, the process will be a little more complicated since you will have to prove that the Uber driver was actually working for Uber at the time of the accident. If the rideshare driver was in between rides, you may have to file a claim against the driver’s personal insurance.

Determining fault is not always straightforward

There are many accidents where drivers disagree on who was at fault. If you were involved in a collision with an Uber or other rideshare driver, you should gather as much evidence as you can. Photos or videos from the accident scene and eyewitness testimony may help you to establish liability. For help filing a claim, contact our office today.