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Suing a hotel for injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Personal Injury

Staying in a hotel in California can present precarious situations for guests. People who have checked in often have a schedule of some type, so they are often on the go and in a rush at times. Following business, there is also commonly some rest and relaxation time in between if nothing goes wrong. The problem is that many times something actually will go wrong, and accidents are atop that list of possible occurrences. Here are a few potential problems that guests may face at a hotel that can lead to injuries.

Slip-and-fall dangers

One of the most common injuries that occur in hotels is a slip-and-fall accident. These can result in very serious injury when the victim hits their head or lands on their hip on either side. Head injuries can be life threatening, and hip injuries can impact mobility for the remainder of the victim’s life. Under certain circumstances, these can be very serious premises liability claims.

Defective furniture injuries

Another common scenario is being injured when attempting to sit down or use other hotel furniture such as beds and storage chests. Breaking chairs is probably the most common injury type when weak and overused furniture is still part of the room facilities, and while they often are not as serious injuries as a slip-and-fall accident, they still produce significant injury.


Another issue that many guests experience is poor sanitation conditions at lower class hotels. Bacteria can build when rooms are not properly cleaned, and even bed bugs are a problem in some hotels. Although small issues, they can still result in premises liability claims when problems arise.

These types of claims can be difficult legal matters,, and the hotel and its insurer will have teams of attorneys to fight them. Accordingly, people who have been injured in a Southern California hotel should contact the Law Office of  Aman N. Shah  for a case evaluation.