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Factors that lead to a rollover accident

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Automobile Accidents

When a car accident happens, it can result in all types of calamities. Some accidents cause explosions, some cause side collisions and others cause rollovers. A rollover accident can total a vehicle and leave the driver trapped in its wreckage. Every driver in California should review the factors that lead to this type of accident.

Driving off the road

Driving off-road is the most common reason for a rollover accident. This is likely to occur if your car speeds off a paved road and slides down a steep hill or embankment. A car is difficult or impossible to remain flat on an unpaved and uneven section of ground. Driving off-road increases the dangers of your vehicle rolling over.

Hitting an object

Some cars roll over after hitting and driving on top of a safety barrier that is designed to prevent an MVA (motor vehicle accident). Many drivers roll over when they’re driving at high speeds and try to avoid hitting an object but end up running over it instead. If a tire gets pushed up by the force of the crash, this may cause the rest of the vehicle to flip over.

Turning while driving at high speeds

Driving at 40 mph and hitting a pole will not result in a rollover. Neither will driving at 50 mph and hitting at the back of another car. However, driving at very high speeds, usually in excess of 60 mph, and attempting to turn sharply may result in a rollover.

The main causes of rollovers

The answer to why a rollover accident happens is fairly easy to figure out. It’s not necessary to review police reports or camera footage to see exactly what happened. A combination of high speed, sharp turns, and steep inclines or slopes are factors that contribute to the unique types of accidents.