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Danger and your vacation commute

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Automobile Accidents

For many California residents, driving to and from vacation is a time-honored tradition. While you may look forward to taking part in the holiday cheer or enjoying that trip to the beach, driving during these time periods can be quite dangerous. To learn more about the alarming statistics and what you can do to stay safe, consult the following information.

Holiday driving statistics

Traveling during the holidays can certainly bring unwanted problems. Over the summer months, many families take advantage of their time off and go on vacation, but the risk of motor vehicle accidents is high. The Fourth of July holiday weekend is one of the most dangerous times in which to drive. In fact, the National Safety Council estimates that roughly 482 people may die on the roads during this holiday weekend in 2021. Although car travel is the most common form of transportation, it is often the deadliest.

How to keep yourself and loved ones safe

Despite the statistics, there are many steps you can take to keep yourself and your family safe from dangers while driving during the holidays. One step is to make sure your car insurance is up-to-date and that your car has been recently serviced. Be sure to take precautions on the road and drive at a reasonable pace.

If you find yourself in a car accident caused by another driver’s negligent behavior, you may want to consult a personal injury attorney about your options for pursuing compensation for your losses. An experienced attorney may be able to help you sort out insurance problems and get you back on the road quickly to continue enjoying your summer.