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California traffic deaths rise during 2020

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2021 | Automobile Accidents

Most Southern California residents understand the importance of driving safely. But not everyone follows the important driving laws that are in place. Since the start of the pandemic over a year ago an alarming trend is occurring across California.


The number of people who have died on California roads has increased during 2020. In 2020, California had a 5% increase in traffic deaths for a total of 3,723. There was also a 5% increase in pedestrian deaths with 485 fatalities. This increase is despite an over 14% decrease in traffic on California roads due to the pandemic.

The reasons for the increase in traffic deaths appears to be due to speed and impaired driving. Drivers may see an open road in front of them and do more reckless activities, such as speeding excessively. Drivers are also taking more risks with driving after they have been drinking.


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