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Speeding during the holidays a major risk for truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2021 | Automobile Accidents

When California drivers are on the road, commercial trucks can be an intimidating sight. Sharing the road with these large, heavy vehicles is worrisome enough without considering the possibility that the operator might behave recklessly, drive at excessive speeds, be under the influence, spend too much time on the road and drive while drowsy, or commit other dangerous acts. When there is a collision between a passenger car and a truck, there can be terrifying consequences with catastrophic injuries and death. Some portions of the year have greater risk than others, as recent research has shown. Legal assistance may be crucial when assessing a truck accident and determining the next course of action to recover compensation.

Statistics suggest trucks drive at excessive speed during the holidays

Because truckers are under pressure to get their cargo to its destination by a certain time from Thanksgiving through the new year, they tend to speed. The telematics company Samsara has documented this trend. Thanksgiving saw speeding increase by 9% when compared to the year’s average. In 2019, it had increased by 4% when compared to the yearlong average. Since the assessment was made prior to Christmas, researchers believe those trends might have resulted in speeding rising to 30% during that time.

Another factor in the increase in speeding is fewer vehicles on the road. This is exacerbated by the reduction in people traveling because of the ongoing health crisis. During the spring, “heavy” highway speeding rose by 20%. This was defined as trucks going at least 11 mph above the posted speed limit. In the fall, it was 18% higher than in 2019. In addition, people are doing much of their shopping online with an increase of between 25% to 35% vs. 2019. This has resulted in more deliveries being made. Samsara noted a 10% increase in miles driven for nearly 3,700 fleets in its survey with around 80,000 trucks. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 25% of fatal accidents in 2017 were related to speeding.

Legal advice may be key for a claim after a truck crash

Since so much damage can be done when there is a truck accident, it is imperative for those impacted to understand their rights. Medical costs, long-term disability, the inability to work, family challenges and more can arise. If there is a death, the family left behind will need to consider the future without their loved one. A legal claim could help to recover compensation. Consulting with a firm that is experienced in truck accidents can be beneficial toward a successful case and recovering compensation.