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3 common causes of Lyft and Uber accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2021 | Automobile Accidents

Ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber provide convenient, efficient services to Californians. However, along with the perks comes the risk of motor vehicle accidents. Serious collisions can lead to injuries or deaths of passengers, occupants of other cars, or pedestrians. 

Roadside accidents happen frequently at the hands of drivers for Uber and Lyft through both direct and indirect causes. 

1. Drowsy driving

Many ridesharing drivers use the job as a bonus gig to make extra money, therefore they try to drive as many hours as possible. The more rides they give, the more incentives like guaranteed payments and bonuses they can get. After working long hours, exhaustion and drowsiness may take over. Drivers can experience slower reaction times to road conditions or traffic as well as decreased attention to their driving. 

2. Inexperienced drivers

To qualify to drive for a rideshare company in California, drivers must be at least 25 years old and have an in-state driver’s license with at least one year of driving experience. These requirements are typically less rigorous to meet than the standards set for more experienced taxi drivers. 

Drivers only licensed for a short amount of time may have a more difficult time driving safely in bad weather and dangerous road conditions. Inexperience can lead to more accidents. 

3. Distracted driving

Lyft and Uber drivers may snack and eat meals behind the wheel. Their passengers may distract them from focusing on the road. As the drivers use their smartphones to access the ridesharing apps, get directions to the destination and to find passengers, their attention strays from their driving. 

Overall, drowsy, reckless, inexperienced or distracted Lyft and Uber drivers may cause serious motor vehicle accidents.