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The dangers of delivery trucks during the holiday season

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Automobile Accidents

Southern California residents may not have to deal with the weather-related hazards that individuals in other parts of the country face, but that does not mean that winter driving is easy in Orange County. Evening starts earlier in the winter and commuters must contend with dark roads and highways as they navigate their way home. They must do so while avoiding accidents with both personal and commercial vehicles.

As the holidays approach, drivers may see more delivery and commercial trucks in their towns and on local roads. These vehicles make many stops as they drop off packages and parcels at residences and businesses. Though it is not frequent, they are also involved in dangerous and sometimes life-threatening accidents with other vehicles.

Why commercial and delivery trucks pose dangers to other motorists

Delivery and commercial vehicles must follow the rules of the road and abide by the laws that private drivers also must obey. However, these vehicles tend to be larger than private vehicles and have different designs that may change or inhibit how they view their surroundings. Some of the ways that commercial and delivery vehicles may pose dangers to others on the road are:

  • Larger sizes and increased breaking times
  • Differences in visibility and access to viewing blind spots
  • Differences in maneuverability on the road

When delivery and commercial drivers fail to take into account the ways that their vehicles differ from others, they can create dangerous situations that may result in accidents. When these factors are combined with drivers’ inattentiveness, exhaustion, and incentives to stay on schedule, it becomes clear how accidents with delivery and commercial trucks often happen.

After an accident with a commercial or delivery vehicle

In the wake of an accident, it is important that a victim seeks medical help to treat their known and potentially unidentified injuries. Medical care supports both the health of the victim and their possible personal injury claims in the event they choose to file a lawsuit for the recovery of damages. Victims have rights to compensation and protections under the law and attorneys that work in the personal injury field can help them get back on their feet with legal support and guidance.