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The impact of whiplash injuries on victims

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Automobile Accidents

Whiplash injuries are, unfortunately, common car accident injuries and can be serious injuries. Part of the reason whiplash injuries are so serious is that they can worsen over time and be difficult to treat. It is also common for the full extent of a whiplash injury not to be immediately evident following a car accident. Consequently, car accident victims should know what whiplash injuries are, what the symptoms of them are and the legal protections that can help them with them.

What are whiplash injuries?

Whiplash injuries are a type of soft tissue injury. Soft tissue injuries occur when the head of the victim is thrust violently back and forth which is not uncommon in a car accident, especially a rear-end car accident. Soft tissue injuries impact the soft areas of the body including the ligaments, tendons and muscles. Whiplash is medically referred to as a cervical sprain or strain.

Symptoms of whiplash injuries?

The symptoms of a whiplash injury can include neck stiffness and tightness, neck pain, back pain, dizziness, headaches, balance and equilibrium problems, memory problems and problems focusing or concentrating.

A whiplash injury can be painful and can impact victims in a variety of ways, including physically and cognitively. Whiplash injuries can make it difficult for victims in their daily lives. For that reason, victims of whiplash injuries should be familiar with how a personal injury claim for damages can help them recover compensation to assist with the harm they have suffered as they work to recover from their whiplash injury. This can include compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages.