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Accident near Temecula leaves one dead, three injured

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Automobile Accidents

A head on collision in the Inland Empire left 1 person dead and 3 others hurt. Authorities described the injuries of those who survived as moderate to serious.

The accident happened on a highway with two-way traffic.

The California Highway Patrol said that a driver heading north, in an effort to pass slower traffic, crossed across the center into the path of an oncoming vehicle. In the area of the accident, the road had been marked with two solid yellow lines, a no passing zone.

The head-on collision which resulted left one passenger in the southbound vehicle dead and another person seriously injured.  The driver who crossed the yellow line also suffered serious injuries, and his teen passenger suffered serious injuries.

Drivers ignore solid yellow lines at their own peril

Of course, even beginning drivers either know, or quickly learn, that it is illegal to pass other vehicles in no passing zones, which include any part of a road where one’s lane is marked with a solid yellow line.

Usually, authorities designate no passing zones because crossing into the lane of oncoming traffic to pass is unsafe in that location.

For instance, the road may be uphill, heading around a curve or just situated so drivers cannot see far enough ahead to see oncoming traffic.

No matter how slowly the cars in front of them are traveling or how much of a hurry they are in, drivers who choose to ignore passing zones endanger both themselves and other motorists.

Whether the driver just didn’t leave enough room to return to his or her own lane after passing or just got impatient, if that driver causes a serious accident as a result, victims can hold the driver financially accountable. Victims may seek the help of an experienced attorney when doing so.