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The Complexities Of A Multicar Crash

Last updated on March 9, 2022

Multicar accidents are fraught with challenges, particularly when attempting to determine fault, property damage and injuries. The most common scenario is the freeway multicar rear-end collision taking place in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Whether the involved parties are in a condition to exchange information or authorities arrive to assess damage and injuries, challenges arise when determining how to proceed in the wake of the collision. Common questions that arise:

  • Where should I go for injury treatment
  • Which insurance company will take care of my vehicle repairs
  • Which insurance companies should I open claims with
  • How much should I tell the insurance adjuster

Multicar Accidents In Southern California

The above questions are often an added source of anxiety to accident victims who are already dealing with the physical pain of the collision. The bottom line is that your insurance claim will be broken down into two separate sub-claims, one for property damage and another for bodily injuries.

It is also possible that multiple insurance companies will be involved in the bodily injury claims resolution process, depending upon issues such as liability and insurance policy details of the at-fault parties. Insurance adjusters may even attempt to contact you early on in the process with the intent of minimizing your injuries as well as their own insured’s liability.

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